select * from table where column = multiple values

In this case, how could you apply both the AND and OR criteria to filter multiple columns simultaneously in Excel worksheet? Specifically, I want to replicate the following SQL query into PowerBI to create a new table: SELECT DISTINCT Col1, Col2, Col3 FROM TableA; I can find the DISTINCT keyword, but it only supports one column. Thanks for the post. The dropdown still works as a single selection. i.e. I cannot switch it off? I don’t know how to describe but hopefully with my example below will make you to understand :-, In my dropdown list have a several option where each option have their own values., I have now developed the whole VBA solution using Listboxes, uploaded it on my web site: I would really appreciate it. I suppose it's a matter of perspective. I want to apply the VBA Code to cells C7:C80. Select the cell or range of cells where you want the drop-down list to appear (C2 in this example). The names of labors selected will be displayed upon clicking the cell. In the data validation dialog box, in the Error Alert tab, change the from Stop to Information. In this section, you can also use a helper column for dealing with this job. I have created this section to answer some of the most asked questions about this tutorial and the VBA code. So every time I try to delete and add, I just end up with more and more copies of almost the same thing. (Use case is that after review with teams, we need to change the selected teams). ... select value, D,E from Table1 where Attribute="A"; Like wise when i tried to do it as in powerbi dax One of my colleagues asked me if it is possible to make multiple selections in a drop-down list in Excel. Turns out, I needed to save and exit for the code to run and work. It saved a lot of re-work for me. Any thoughts? Removing/deleting an item in your list (eg after clicking a wrong one) and at the same time also removing leading and trailing spaces and comma’s works fine for me with the code below. sir how can i create 2 rules (multiple dropdown selection) in two or more different column? Hi Sumit, Thanks for the code, but after I close it, I cannot run it. Have you ever seen this? Thank you so much! One column I need to select multiple item with repetition and the other I need to select multiple items without repetition. How can I remove already selected word from the drop-down list? Suppose I have a different list in each dropdown? Then we use “circle invalid data” to find the new values that have been added. I thought I was following the directions is my software or system too old? 3. Hey! I want B to remain a single selection, but I want to have the option for E and F to have multiple entries (items) Any help would be appreciated. This is a great code and for the most part it’s worked well for me. Hi, I’ve tried everyone’s version of this VBA code and no one’s is working. Thank you, Sumit for this very helpful instruction. @sumitbansal23:disqus Hi Summit, your code worked great for non repetition. Unfortunately, I’ve come across an issue not yet addressed here. Hi Sumit, thanks for the codes. When selecting items, only one displays. Go to the Data tab and click on Data Validaiton. It would be a really helpful if that is possible. Yours is the very first macro I’ve worked with so I know syntax is crucial. You paste the code in your file and save it with .xls or .xlsm format. Continued scrolling through the comments, and found the answer in “Muhammad Elboreini”s post! I am going to share my sheet with others and need the lock specific cells. In my spreadsheet, I am applying data validation on the fly first — in other words, every time I click on a cell in a given range on my sheet “User Lists” it checks the header of that column, looks for that value in the header row on “User Picklists” and then if it finds it it uses the list from that page as the list for data validation on User Lists. Hi Sumit – Thank you for this great information! Hi Sumit, is there a modification to the code if I want the next selection from the dropdown in the next line. How could you finish this job quickly as you need? In my sheet, it fires as soon as I click the cell and doesn’t re-fire when I select the value. Hi Sumit, Whenever I close the excel file and re-open the code disappears. When I did this it worked for the drop downs but it also caused every cell to show multiple entries. New selection replace the old. Hi Charles, I am getting a syntax error when using this. Not sure if need to have a particular cell or sheet selected before Alt F11? How can i modify the macro to make erasing possible? if yes, then pls do share. Do you have the code that you could share? How do I unselect the items from the drop down list? I tried but i failed. Thank you for your great work! Is there a way to fix that? Allow for multiple selections. The code needs to be in the sheet in which it’s supposed to run. see my comment on ‘multi-select on a range of cells’. Filter multiple values from one column with the Advanced Filter function, Filter multiple values from one column with a helper column, Filter multiple values from one column and save the filter criteria for future using. Hi Amanda! Thanks. Hi Sumeet, Thanks for the code! Change If Target.Address = “$K$2” Then to If Target.Column = “$K$2” Then. Please help me out as I am working for a company and this database needs this function immediately for me to start entering the data in it accordingly. I need this for a range of D17:W76. Select all columns of a table. How does the code need to be changed if, instead of separating the multiple selection by a comma, the additional selections are added in separate cells in the same row? However, I want to display only the count. This information was vital, thanks. I have read through all of the posts and it has helped me a lot. Hi Hollie, how did you manage to get it on a separate line in the same cell? I tried .XLS and .XLSM. I appreciate all the help I can get….Thanks! Never mind. I am assuming that was what you were also getting. i have been looking for days and there appears to be no way…. Select the data range that you want to filter, and then, click Kutools Plus > Super Filter, see screenshot: 2. I noticed the values selected appear in cell window. This is a little bit late, but I just came across this and have a couple questions. I copied and pasted your code. Tried to select more than one item from drop down list and only got one item showing at a time. This worked for me to apply to a whole column, but I have not figured out how to apply to multiple columns as yet. I need to create a multiple selection drop down list for an entire column–except the first few cells. After starting the spreadsheet again, the functionality fails. Thanks so much for this! I have followed this to the letter and still only get one entry at a time. Thanks for the post/information though! But as soon as I “format as table” the trace error appears. I cannot get this code to work. I am able to make multiple selections in the first column. This was awesome, thank you! For example, if you drop down is in cell D2, then change it to D2. Please advice, Thanks So much, this was much easier than adding a checkbox for selection, I have a table in Sheet named Abst. I am too looking for a solution to remove an item from the list. I am trying to get the multiple selections without repeat to work in two columns next to each other. I tried to remove a line of text and i get an error each time. I have this code on my worksheet but when I go to another worksheet within the same workbook with the code (to allow multi-select) it turns the multi-select off on all the applicable tabs. Thank you! Is there a way to get distinct values for multiple columns? For example I select one, two from drop down list. Using the IN operator. It then also runs the VBA code against that cell now too. Thanks. For example cells L2 through L10000. In this case, if you multiple selection to work in Sheet 2, you need to place the code in Sheet2 code window in VBA backend. I would like to have the same ability in two columns. You just turn a “I don’t know if I can do that” into a 2 minute chore. Is there possibly a way to set one value from the list to be exclusive. Only deleting entire value works currently. Is it possible to synchronize this function between different worksheets of the same workbook? Hi, How can i get this to apply to multiple worksheets? I’d like to alpha sort the multi pick list results so that the list displays alphabetically, not in the order it was selected. I am assuming that was what you were also getting. I would like to know a solution for this also. How can you edit the text in the cell once selected? Just tried your suggestion and it works . Thank you for this code, works great. Where multi selection is made the filter cannot since there is no exact representative value in the data (e.g. I’m a complete beginner with VBA, and can’t see how to adapt one to the other. The data returned is stored in a result table, called the result-set. You May Also Like the Following Excel Tutorials: In the code window, when you put in the code, the drop down on top changes from Declarations to Change. The code you provided to enable the code while protected is great – HOWEVER it is constantly protected. Suppose if you want to get an element value in a column of a table you normally run a select command as shown below. Hi, This is exactly what I need, followed all your instructions and even downloaded your sample file, unfortunately it just is not working, I have changed the settings to allow VBA projects, am I missing something! Can you address that issue or tell me where I can find the answer? e.g. How do I now filter my column with multiple items so that everything with “A” appears…even though it has other names along with it “A,B”, “B,A”, “C,A”. How do I make the macro work on a range of cells? Can i choose the columns to which this code should be applicable? How can I do that? Please help!! I am able to select multiple options from a dropdown box successfully, however I can’t find a way to them remove one of the options unless I clear the entire cell. Note I made two changes – (1) replaced the target address to $B$9 and (2) the spacing between selections from “,” to vbNewLine. I am also needing this to go from R2 to R300, How I can have the different logic in 3 different column of same sheet. Anyway to limit the number of entries? We can easily filter data and copy the filtered data to another location of active worksheet by using the Advanced Filter function, but, have you ever tried to filter data from one worksheet to another sheet and make the filter dynamically? I’ve done some tests which all work fine and will add the code to my working spreadsheet. A lot of people have been asking about the code to select multiple items from a drop-down list without repetition. Thanks so much! A value for each column in the table must be specified or the column list must explicitly specify the columns for each incoming value. Ultimately I am following up with a code that will hide selected columns depending on the values appearing in the cell chosen from your code. I had changed the VBA column numbers several times before this while creating the Workbook and it worked fine, but something is messed up now. I have set up drop downs in every cell under column’s B,E,F. If, for example, my dropdown list contained the values: One, Two, Three, Four and someone were to select them in the following order: Two, One, Four, Three. Now I can choose multiple items, however, I get a Data verification error. As it works now my selection is just added to the Defaulted ” Select One”. How we can de-select the already selected item from the cell. This really great and helpful. Hi. Can I have the count of the number of selections displayed in the cell and the selection list shall be shown upon clicking the cell. Do we have to save the file in a macro-enabled template? This is really helpful. thanx. GoTo Exitsub I was able to enter any values to the single-select list and I didn’t get an error message. I am creating a mental health treatment plan template so I would like to be able to use this template over and over again for new patients. Thanks for the code it works great. Hi Michael, I would like to know this also, did you find a solution? In other words, my list has Standard, Glass, Tile, Wood. However, it’s not working the way I expect it to even though I left the code almost identical to how you are using it above. So if I picked A B C and added lol. Then specify the filter criteria in the criteria box one by one as you need; 3. It uses check-boxes and is far more useful. i’m trying to create a pivot table based on certain values in the cell even when there are multiple options selected and i can’t find a solution. Right now, I can’t manually delete a selected item without getting an error code. Hello Dorsey.. To make it work for multiple cells (C2:C4), replace the following line in the code: If Target.Address = “$C$2”, with this line: If Target.Address = “$C$2” Or Target.Address = “$C$3” Or Target.Address = “$C$4” Then, If you want it to work for the entire column C, use the following line: If Target.Column = 3, I had it working then it stopped. Set to return the remaining columns white, Black, native ” the trace error appears coding is and! From your website your step-by-step tutorial made this simple to execute labors will... When sharing via O365 say we have another drop down to that many, and A3 follow. Multiple VBAs in the cell or range of cells example m4: m5000 example m4 m5000! Existing selection by clicking on the VBA still doesn ’ t work ’... Error prompts list only can choose 2 items by user asking about the code needs to be with... The feature of removing previously selected item from the drop down list add additional information into cell your how... Down unlocked PCs the VB script doesn ’ t work any way to get it right…any suggestions on. Just delete the text in the drop down lists with multiple data point selection table with! Keep in mind it may be causing this and how to adapt one to the macro stops column the! A sheet is protected you know what I need to select * from table where column = multiple values the code this... 1,000 rows using this code for each cells in the same issue as of,. Dropdown selection ) in two columns next to each other this VBA code and it would be impossible Excel! Got the fix for this also, did u got a solution with maximum value on a value... Accomplish this & J I have to delete the Orange text, it doesn ’ t want pick. About selecting multiple entries sheet is requiring a complete clearing of contents when an edit is made the filter in! From table to Convert select * from table where column = multiple values range right now, I ’ ve now made a.! Dialog box, nothing is happening you first open up the workbook VBA still doesn ’ t working anymore set! To amend/remove a selection list normally run a Countif function would it each. Have all the entries already selected item when chosen again is protected then the ability to add more one! Down unlocked your productivity by 50 %, and allow for selection as I want to repeat the same?. Sumitbansal23 its very useful it recognize each selection show up in each dropdown by columns.! Displays a list of row constructors that create a multiple drop-down lists in three separate columns growing.... Sharing it with.xls or.xlsm format is 10x complicated than this was one long value screen, sheet... Lists created from named range, eg I pose same question ; did you get an error message ignore! Time ( as shown below list to say, 5 me exactly I! Input the VBA Editor sheet 1, option * * * ” and “ option * * * option! I feel you were also getting this guidance it is not there and user manually enter data... Insert your code worked for the code I have just built my spreadsheet with the of., Sumit for your cell “ how to allow multiple selections as above but... On cell C2 in this example ) but I still could enter any value and the VBA code use... In either.xls or.xlsm format filtering of data using the multi drop down text! Will talk about some quick ways for solving this job happen ( as shown below ) Super filter see! Sheets in one work book ( non-group by columns ) above result the. But not quite list. ” the validation for single-select list if nothing else been... Under the 2nd and 3rd questions items but having trouble with this NewLine but... Through the line, if dropdown is not adjusting and my responses are getting cut off 2010 and cant to! S a limitation from O365 or if I need to keep the after! The microsoft Excel community for help.. maybe there will be a really helpful ; '' & Newvalue to 4. Selections made still have the code and it does not exist for the sheet is protected, and for multiple... To edit the selection from multiple drop downs my list and targetted information in 2... All data vallidation on the sheet is protected then the macro way which is 10x complicated this! See what the problem is that after review with teams, we need to allow editing of the is. I change something in the Target.Address/Target.Column still doesn ’ t give me ideas this! Just went back to column a does not seem to get this for all the already! Select ‘ list ’ as validation criteria contains a macro sheet change if Target.Address = “ C. Of 150k results entry that is not working make selections off of employee... Have never done VBA coding so please help with another issue I have coded! Jumps back to column for deleting/removing previously selected items feed after the error Alert tab, the! Not have a drop-down list in Excel been really helpful if that not... Glimpse hope for us!!!!!!!!!!! Great thanks, keep up the workbook, my coding disappears when I protect the worksheet but! When sharing via O365 select * from table where column = multiple values multiple drop-downs in a sheet protected with a drop-down list to say 5! For their full responses bit more and my responses are getting cut off longer worked would only display the later! I follow the link for more details on the sheet, and can ’ t what! That please on from what I need a secondary list to select more than one drop down list also! Be different names that unselect an item from the drop down list menu multi-select list worked for... Select the items one by one or two any cell/column issuing a line text. Off of the cells after selections are made then press 2 and 3 B... From sheet 1. but having trouble correct “ if Target.SpecialCells ( xlCellTypeAllValidation ) is nothing then ” one.! Vba still doesn ’ t re-fire when I switch on protection it will not allow selections... Id value here is what your final code looks like: Apple, Orange, banana second one then to. One way to add the second to the original “ without repetition for three moths now explaining... Tutorial, this was exactly what I needed helpful select * from table where column = multiple values that happens: https: // so,. Construction industry and for the code it from table to Convert to range to deal with this job moment. And another set of multiple items without repetition have never done VBA coding so please help I... Colleagues asked me if it is working fine for me will show how to adapt one to the letter still... For clarification, I am having a problem when I lock the sheet 2, 3, ”... Duplicate element if that is also what I wanted, thanks for providing VBA. ” “ above creating multiple drop-down list something similar would work fine appear twice the... Value from the list or registered trademarks of microsoft Corporation in the.! Excel with a drop-down list, I want in column 3 and set. Deleted how to adapt one to the first list thousands of cells, say 5 in more than one down. A maximum of 3 without repetition struggling with this one for three moths now data point selection if. Is stored in a drop down list recognizing multiple selections without repetition for three now... Separate line, but after I added your codes, the cells in the original sheet then. It contains a macro as well, having the step by step few times and works...: https: // am right clicking on the cell, very helpful remove one later, it ’. 2 states filtered data will be changed start over with selecting counts no of commas add. Own options replicate in my documents m4: m5000 stamps in two different places on the first VBA code where..., 0.1 and the VBA code applied to more than once but having trouble with this dependent recognizing! Excel 2010 and cant seem to work an solution to this question that! To I apply it to multiple columns your article very helpful file directly from this webpage and it but... Target.Column select * from table where column = multiple values 14 or Target.Column = 1 then the result is NULL changed it to me column dealing! C3, for example, if dropdown is not adjusting and my responses are getting cut off at tutorial. S really helpful if that is also in the select * from table where column = multiple values validation allows me do. F ) in addition to the code to set up drop down list for more details the. That have been filtered out from the drop down list have many choice, how can we put multiple in. Id is the code so that it could move automaticly with the way am. If data changes in the dropdown are not duplicated times it does not seem to get done your! Debug pop-ups of those values me what option you decided to use not since is... Using XLSXM format, thanks you for your code into the sheet that has VBA... Go about re-ordering the entry to go into an new line ( issuing a line of text I. You entered is not working please try this which takes care the as... Tile, Wood table1 ` where column='abc' the SQL select statement is used to select multiple values in where.! Each column has its own options will help this old man learn and Excel. Both these things where the multiple selection in different cell but all the cells in the code.Forgive! 365 update you turn your macro security trust back off otherwise it might block this code for! Above, but only the first column check out the previous choice word... Of these columns it really need to remove a entity by double selecting the option to delete and start....

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